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Featured Article: Log Home Construction

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Featured Home Building Article
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"Log Home Construction" One of the oldest structural forms on the planet is the log home. Whether they be pine or bamboo, logs have stood the test of time protecting the occupants from cold, rain and heat - and bullets and arrows. They were readily available and easy to construct using the materials at hand: saw, adz, clay. In fact many notable personages such as...
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plumbers tape, plumbers putty

"Modular Homes" Home building takes on many forms, from the rustic log homes to the palatial mansions of the rich and famous. Whatever the dwelling there are similar steps in home building that they all have to follow: foundation, structure, exterior protection. Modular and manufactured homes are generally thought of as trailers by those not in the know.
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So you want to build your home nestled in the scenic mountains or aside a crystal blue lake? The obvious choice is the classic log cabin. The warmth of a rustic log cabin home has beckoned men as far back as Abe Lincoln. Logically one would believe that the lower R rating of 1.41 per inch vs. the frame homes 4 per inch, would indicate that a frame home is the more efficient of the two; however logs have the ability to absorb heat and release it gradually throughout the night.

There are three types of log homes, natural log, lathed log, and log-like homes. Each offering different perks and posing varied downfalls. A skilled contractor will be able to help you establish the materials best suited for your new home based on your design and budget. Building a log cabin can be more costly than a frame home due to the intricate detail, and you’ll want to choose a finish that keeps the original intent in mind. We can help you find a custom home builder in your area to help with your log cabin house dreams.

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